Creator Agreement

Please take the time to review the terms & conditions that represent the entirety of what is expected from Creators on Cobbles.


Producer (Creator) is paid to record up to ten (10) videos per week. While Creator may record more videos, this agreement shall provide payment for a maximum of ten (10). While Client (Cobbles) supports creative freedom, all videos must be “valuable”, as deemed by Client, for the residents and businesses of the local community. If a picture or video would not be valuable, entertaining, or interesting to residents and businesses of the local community, then Client may determine as ineligible for payment.

All videos and pictures must meet the following criteria to qualify for payment:

– Recorded using the Cobbles Camera. (uploads do NOT qualify for payment).
– Content is posted to the Cobbles application.

Additionally, but while not required for payment, it is preferred that content is shared on Creator’s social account(s) (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).


It is the essence of the Cobbles mission that all completed media and services supplied by the Producer shall be of reasonable production standards. The Producer agrees that the media shall be of quality and produced so the content can be understood and appreciated in the same manner as any social video sharing app.


Client agrees to pay the Producer:

1. $5 for each picture or video accepted by Client (for up to ten (10) posts per week) using the Cobbles camera (reminder: uploaded content is not eligible for payment, but you are still welcome to post it!)

2. For the first 30 days beginning the date of execution of this contract, Client will pay $2 for each sharing action: either Client sharing other user’s posts to Producer’s social networks, or other users sharing Producer’s Cobbles content to their social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

Client will accept all videos that are valuable, entertaining, or interesting to the residents or businesses who reside in the local community. Client reserves the right to refuse content that does not meet acceptable standards as per our Community Guidelines or is not taken using the Cobbles Camera.


Client will submit payments once every 2 weeks. In order to receive payment, Producer will be required to sign up for direct payment to a bank account, the details of which are provided as part of onboarding. 

Cobbles has chosen this payment option to manage the volume of paid content Creators. There are NO hidden fees, contracts, or obligations at all – this simply helps Cobbles to pay Creators more quickly efficiently.


Once content is uploaded, Producer agrees to transfer all ownership rights to that content and that content becomes the property of the Client.

Rights We Retain

Client retains the right to remove an individual from the Creator Program or to terminate the Producer at any time and at Client’s sole discretion.