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Earn Biweekly Income

You'll earn $ for each story you share to Cobbles. Drop-in at local spots by tagging where you're at. 

Start Local Interests

Team together with other Creators to share your passions. Two neighbors using the same # forms an interest!

Access The House of Creators

Discover the magic that occurs when passionate people come together to share inspiration

Our platform is built with the belief that a community is full of great people, places, activities & stories that connect across generations.

WHAT creators do

Share Local

It's why we exist. Your community is our priority.  You can help local businesses by tagging where you're at, we call that drop-in's!

Stay Positive

Leave the negative rhetoric to the other guys. We're here to support one another and take positive action in our local lives.

Be Yourself

Create inspiring content that motivates your neighborhoods to be the best version of themselves. There's only one you, let it shine!

WHy Creators matter

Belong Locally

It can be hard to have your voice heard in your town. We're here to unlock the possibilities of what happens when people come together to share positive local stories

Grow Your Community

Each time you drop-in you're supporting local business. When you find a place you love and you share your experience on Cobbles, your neighbors may also seek to visit and the growth will continue!

Make History

Cobbles is the first video app devoted to local neighborhoods. As we go live in each neighborhood, it's up to you and your team of local Creators to pave the way in sharing the founding stories

how to become a Creator


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Why Neighbors Create on Cobbles


Cobbles gives Creators a place to connect with those living around them, while compensating us for our time and effort. I've met so many neighbors with similar interests and have. had a blast being apart of it! A group of us plays tennis on Saturdays, join in!


My posts as a Creator mostly feature me commuting on the T, life hacks, progress on my worm farm, small businesses in the area, and comical dinner videos featuring Tiny Hands productions! Cobbles mission is to support content creation for locals. This program is designed to give Creators the opportunity to focus on the value of community.


I spend most of my creative energy photographing the community I've lived in since I was 15-years-old. Living here most of my life,  I love being able to stay in tune with what's going on in town. Being a Creator on Cobbles is a fun way for me to get to know new neighbors, capture the beauty around me, and share historical insight about life in my town.

Do you know any other content creators that would be interested in joining us?

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